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HappyAnt.tv is a European independent documentary film production company based in Athens, Greece.
It was founded in 2009 by Elissavet Laloudaki and Massimo Pizzocaro, as a natural evolution of their 15+ years of experience in journalistic storytelling for the press. HappyAnt.tv is dedicated to deepening cultural and social issues, producing documentaries that stand out for their pluralism and critical, but objective point of view.

Perah Istar  

For our next film we didn't have to go far to find our story. Our subject was in our courtyard, on our roof, on the sidewalk, in the streets. We didn't pay attention to it, but it was all around us. Loaded with symobols from the ancient times, loved by religions, man's friend also because of its adaptability and its high inteligence, beautiful and elegant. It has now become an urban parasite, victim of its own success.
Our new documentary, by the title "Perah Istar", is dedicated to pigeons and doves.
You can read more at: perahistar.happyant.tv

14th Thessaloniki Doc Festival
A Groussa Namou  

In theory, a documentary film about an endangered language, in our case the Tsakonian language, belongs to the ‘heavy’ category.
The subject is very serious, dealing with a problem that threatens our cultural heritage; but this doesn’t necessary mean that it is interesting for filming. For 'A Groussa Namou' (Our Language) we chose the ‘light’ way, we focused on everyday stories and we discovered a community with a unique sense of humor and an oblique point of view.
More information at tsakonika.happyant.tv

1st IntimateLens Ethnologic Film Festival

5th Docfest Chalkida

13th Thessaloniki Doc Festival

Stin Korfi  

For our first documentary we climbed to the summit of Psiloritis to view the island of Crete. We didn’t look for the panoramic view; we sought to explore the island’s soul.

On the Summit” is a weird ‘travelogue’ documentary for an extraordinary though unconventional place, which has with its own customs, traditions and rules. In order to see all these clearly, we took the necessary distance…

More information at: stinkorfi.happyant.tv

AGON Archaeological Film Festival
13th Patras Film Festival
4th Docfest Chalkida
12th Thessaloniki Doc Festival


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